About Us

Quality Products at a good price is what we are about.

As a life long supplement user, I know only too well that most products out there are of no use. High street stores that claim to be 'Health Stores' are often filled with sugar coated sweets, toxic products and of course the enticing 2 for 1 offers! In my opinion, you may as well be throwing your money down the toilet. 

In the UK, the biggest high street "health" store is owned by a large pharmaceutical company that identified a trend in people buying health supplements so they jumped on the band wagon.  Their products are often low grade supplements filled with toxic binders and fillers, the lowest bioavailable forms of products, usually synthetic rather than natural.
On this website, the focus is 100% QUALITY product before anything else. The products here are researched and tested. If I ever find a product not to be what I thought, it will be pulled from the shop immediately. This has not happened yet.  
Buy with confidence and feel free to ask questions. I cannot give medical advice but I maybe able to help with your queries and enjoy doing so.