Use What You Got - Remedies by Tony Pantalleresco

Use What You Got - Remedies by Tony Pantalleresco
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Use What You Got - Remedies

by Tony Pantalleresco


In this E-book, Tony shares some 65 pages of amazing tricks on using every day ingredients to improve your health. Being typically Tony, this book is a non-formal straight to the point self published E-book, not a polished Barnes and Nobel template. This E-book is raw, to the point and packed full of information. 

About the author

Tony Panantalleresco has been on The Micro Effect Network for years with his show “The Remedy” sharing out free advice on health news, politics and providing information on how to use every day items to improve your health.

Tony has a YouTube channel “herbsplusbeadswork” where he now has over 100 videos posted on everything from choosing vitamins and minerals, to making the most of carrot juice, to making your own toothpaste and has an ever growing audience.

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