Bulletproof® Upgraded Coffee

Bulletproof® Upgraded Coffee
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Bulletproof®  Upgraded Coffee


Bulletproof®  Upgraded Coffee 100% coffee beans 12 oz / 340g is:

  • Toxin-Free
  • Sourced from a central American, high altitude, single estate producer
  • Fresh roasted weekly in a socially responsible, specific developed Bulletproof process 


The Science Behind Bulletproof® Upgraded Coffee

Dave Asprey founded the Bulletproof Executive and has spent the last 15 years developing Bulletproof Coffee with the aim of harnessing all the advantages of coffee without the side effects. 

When Dave first tried yak butter tea in Tibet, he felt like a million bucks and had to know why. When he got back home from his travels, he began researching butter, tea, types of fat, how fat affects your brain, etc. Dave began experimenting in his kitchen, looking to recreate that mental and physical boost he had flet after that mug of yak butter tea.

Dave eventually moved away from tea in favor of coffee and developed this Bulletproof Coffee.



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